Battle for Futago Pass ONLINE

The game takes approximately 5-10 min to play. If you leave the site, you may have to start over. The instructions are very similar to the print instructions, but with a few changes to make the game single-player and also work online.



Travel to the different territories to gain allies. Once you have one ally from each territory, you will return to Futago Pass to face Akakabuto.


Some of the spaces on the board contain numbers. If you land on one of the spaces, you must have a spirit card that is greater than that number (or if the number is 5, 1 is greater). If you fail to show higher spirit, Riki takes damage.


If Riki's danger meter reaches the top, then you will return to Futago Pass to help him. You then will continue on your task to gather allies.


Some of the spaces on the board contain Nagareboshi points (shooting stars). These are special events that will either switch your spirit, move you to another Nagareboshi point, or damage Riki.


Once you have all of your allies, you will begin the fight with Akakabuto. Each of your allies will attack, and they will either land the killing blow or be hurt themselves. Each ally has a certain attack power, and they can only attack an area on Akakabuto up to their attack power (otherwise, automatic miss). If you loose all of your allies and Gin, the battle is lost.