Battōga Against Humanity

Battōga Against Humanity is a Ginga fan-made expansion for Cards Against Humanity. The cards are available as a free printable download, and playable through an online service.

These cards may contain spoilers for the latest series or news.

Print the Cards
Multiple languages and formats available!

Play Online
Start a new game, select "Many Decks" as the deck source, and enter one of the following codes:
XXO44 (EN)
RX6Z8 (FI)

Oh, you've heard of Ginga? My favourite thing is ___.
Abusive parents
Characters with unique breeds
Sasuke with a gun

Black Cards (60):

  1. "You have your father's ___," said Fuji.
  2. Akame has come up with a new tactic to defend the sacred texts: ___.
  3. All they needed to defeat Akakabuto was ___.
  4. Breaking news! The next Ginga series has been announced! It's called Ginga Densetsu ___.
  5. Genba wouldn't have killed 3 of Chutora's sons if it wasn't for ___.
  6. Gohē has reworked his training methods, now he includes ___ as part of the training.
  7. Hey everyone! It's ___, one of Kisaragi's 19 sons!
  8. Hidetoshi's trophy collection now includes ___.
  9. If Daisuke didn't have access to a bow, he'd have gotten ___ instead.
  10. If Ginga had a beach episode, it would include ___.
  11. If Riki hadn't asked for his troops to gather males, he'd have asked for ___ instead.
  12. In a time of crisis, ___ has provided the dogs the ability to survive.
  13. Instead of Akame's trap taking away your eyesight, it takes away ___ instead.
  14. Instead of retconning the Wolf arc, Yoshihiro Takahashi should have used ___.
  15. It wouldn't be Ginga without ___.
  16. It's that time of the year when the dogs gather together to celebrate ___.
  17. Kisaragi's newest litter has brought us ___.
  18. My mission was to bring back ___! I'll accomplish this mission by sacrificing my own life!
  19. Oh, you've heard of Ginga? My favourite thing is ___.
  20. One of the long lost Battōgas in the Wolf Arc that we never got to see was called ___ Battōga.
  21. Riki has now ordered all able-bodied males to ___.
  22. The Battōga is a special attack only used by ___.
  23. The Four Heavenly Kings of ___
  24. The Ginga series finally ends when ___.
  25. The best way to invade Gajō is with ___.
  26. The newest trio in the series is noted for ___.
  27. The next wave of merchandise brings us ___ and ___.
  28. The real message was the friends we made along the way, and of course ___.
  29. The real reason Riki stayed behind while his soldiers gathered comrades is ___.
  30. The series could use a bit more ___ to spice it up every now and then.
  31. The technique they don't tell you about: ___.
  32. The very power-hungry ___.
  33. The villain of the next arc will include ___ and ___.
  34. The whole series could have been avoided if ___.
  35. To get out of trouble, the characters have to use ___.
  36. To make the series more child friendly, we have opted to remove ___.
  37. Turns out, all Akakabuto really wanted was ___.
  38. What's the best way to improve an arc? ___ of course!
  39. Wilson never told much about what went on in the circus, but its main attraction was ___.
  40. Yoshihiro Takahashi's next manga will feature ___.
  41. Zetsu Tenrō ___
  42. ___ and ___, truly a match made in heaven.
  43. ___ had the saddest death.
  44. ___ summoned Hyena back from the dead.
  45. ___, also known as ___.
  46. ___, you are my father!
  47. ___: The Shooting Star
  48. How did Riki survive the fall?
  49. How will Riki make a male out of you?
  50. What did Noah see in space?
  51. What does "Densetsu" really mean?
  52. What happened to Chutora?
  53. What is the rarest Ginga merch?
  54. What is the real reason Gin left home?
  55. What sent the lightning bolt that killed Hōgen?
  56. What was in those secret texts Akame protected?
  57. What would Sakura have named Weed?
  58. What's the best way to die with dignity?
  59. Who is the ACTUAL main character of the series?
  60. Why do some of the characters have black eyes?

White Cards (172):

  1. 25 year old dogs
  2. A bear the size of a house
  3. A family dinner, Koga dog style
  4. A good parent character
  5. A lightning strike
  6. A moustached wolf
  7. A ripped 10 year old kid
  8. A sad backstory
  9. A scythe
  10. A strong female character
  11. A very fluffy friend
  12. Ability to cross the ravine
  13. Abusive parents
  14. Accidental cannibalism
  15. Akakabuto's missing eye
  16. Alien Butt Worms
  17. An absolutely shredded left arm
  18. An entire pack containing no females and still maintaining numbers over the 50s
  19. An ever increasing number of scars
  20. An official English dub
  21. An old character returning
  22. Animal abuse
  23. Another purebred wild dog
  24. Arc where all the characters do is hunt food for their ever growing numbers
  25. Bear meat
  26. Bears
  27. Becoming a frozen statue
  28. Being able to hold your breath while swimming
  29. Being carried by the wind
  30. Being caught in a blizzard
  31. Being the lone female character
  32. Ben & Cross
  33. Ben's wonky vision
  34. Beware of Doog
  35. Blowing up Gajō
  36. Booby
  37. Borzoi winged eyeliner
  38. Characters noted for having stripes visibly NOT having stripes
  39. Characters with unique breeds
  40. Chutora's mate
  41. Chutora's one remaining son
  42. ComicsOne English GDW translation
  43. Coming back from the dead
  44. Confused by Smith's gender
  45. Cross' first litter
  46. Curing blindness
  47. Cursed GDW still frames
  48. Danish DVD covers
  49. Derp Gin
  50. Disproportionate sizes
  51. Dog hairdoos
  52. Dog wheelchair
  53. Dog-eating boars
  54. Dogs in armor
  55. Dogs punching other dogs
  56. Dogs using human tools
  57. Fading into obscurity
  58. Fart jokes
  59. Finnish John
  60. Forgetting you have a son
  61. Fuji's secret skills
  62. GDW pachinko machine
  63. GDW's final episode budget
  64. Gender inequality: dog style
  65. Getting a sickle stuck in your eye
  66. Gin's disappearing stripes
  67. Gin's unnamed siblings
  68. Giving birth during a battle
  69. Giving yourself a nickname
  70. Gohē feeding Riki his leg
  71. Gohē's training
  72. Green Cross
  73. Grilled Kurojaki
  74. Hakuro's green nose
  75. Hakuro's laugh
  76. Hidetoshi's magic cure
  77. Hidetoshi's trophy collection
  78. Hook's name being "fuck" in script notes
  79. Horse legs
  80. Hōgen's shit
  81. Hyena's elephant ears
  82. I AM Sirius! And don't call me Shirley!
  83. Infiltrating the enemy ranks
  84. Jerome and Kyōshirō replacing John and Akame
  85. Jerome's missing ear
  86. Jumping into a burning building
  87. Jyōshirō
  88. King Woof-Woof
  89. Kisaragi's numerous sons
  90. Kite's enhanced arms
  91. Kurotora's mate
  92. Kyōshirō's eye makeup
  93. Letting Yoshihiro Takahashi retire
  94. Losing your eyesight at the worst possible time
  96. Magic scarves
  97. More bears
  98. More tail wagging
  99. Multiple characters surviving falling off a cliff
  100. Murder baboons
  101. New characters getting the spotlight
  102. Ninja dogs
  103. Ōu Soldiers
  104. Old man Smith's missing leg
  105. Original audio being heard behind dubbed audio
  106. Overly muscular dog pectorals
  107. Pacifism
  108. Pink Dragon the Rainbow Warrior
  109. Plot armor
  110. Poisonous spikes
  111. Poorly animated episodes of GDW
  112. Ragdoll Weed
  113. Rainbow Thai manga covers
  114. Real males
  115. Recycled animation
  116. Replacing "man" with "male" in every sentence
  117. Requiring your newborn puppy to hunt for you
  118. Reverse character development
  119. Robotic hind legs
  120. Rocket's giraffe neck
  121. Running across the nation
  122. Running around in circles and screaming for intimidation
  123. Sasuke with a gun
  124. Sasuke's small black eyes
  125. Secret technique
  126. Sexism
  127. Sharing a cave
  128. Sibling bickering
  129. Sirius X Monsoon
  130. Slowly declining art quality
  131. Sniper stuck in a tree
  132. Sniper with a German accent
  133. Sniper's fragile ego
  134. Snow in summer
  135. Space worms
  136. Striving for Justis
  137. Swimming across the raging sea
  138. Taking a break
  139. Talking to God
  140. The Battōga being nerfed
  141. The Elder's anime/manga counterpart
  142. The Ginga Bus
  143. The Kai Brothers
  144. The Void
  145. The Wolf Arc
  146. The ability to kill birds with the power of thought
  147. The ball-snatcher
  148. The main characters not saying a word until several episodes in
  149. The new Akita being mostly Kishu actually
  150. The only daughter dies
  151. The power of friendship
  152. The way Akame greets his visitors
  153. Too many characters
  154. Too many white dogs
  155. Translating half of the character names
  156. Tree jumping
  157. Turning a character into a marketable plushie
  158. Turning into a sawblade
  159. Unnatural markings
  160. Unusually high purebred diversity
  161. Violence
  162. Weed (the dog)
  163. Weed (the drug)
  164. Weed (the plant)
  165. Weed clones
  166. Weed sustaining a deadly wound and coming out unscathed
  167. Weed's parenting
  168. Wilson's unexpected appearance with no backstory
  169. Wolves becoming a rock formation
  170. Wolves in armor
  171. Worm onion
  172. Yoshihiro Takahashi