Terms of Use

By accessing Ohu Dogs you (the user) agree to abide by all on site rules and regulations. If at any time you cannot agree to follow these terms, you are not allowed to access the site.

1. Use of Art

  1. Users are not allowed to use Ohu Dogs artwork without giving credit directly back to Ohu Dogs in text form. This means adding a caption to images with the words "Ohu Dogs" or "OhuDogs.com" listed somewhere near the image.
  2. You cannot remove the "Ohu Dogs" text background or leg text.
  3. You can modify Ohu Dogs artwork, as long as credit is still present as stated above.
  4. You cannot sell anything using Ohu Dogs artwork for real profit or a virtual currency that can be exchanged for real money (this includes DeviantArt Points).
  5. You can sell for virtual currency, as long as the rule above is followed.

2. Use of Site

  1. All images must be downloaded, not linked to. We do not host your dog images.
  2. If you do not comply with all rules above, we may submit forceful takedown requestions which may limit your use to this site or any sites you have uploaded your dogs to.
  3. We store no personal information about you on this site. We may track IPs for analytics purposes.
  4. We do use cookies. View our cookie policy here.

3. Updates

  1. Ohu Dogs reserves the right to revise and alter these Terms at any time.
  2. Changes to the site or Terms will be announced on Ginga Board.