Super Ginga Wars

Super Ginga War is a Ginga-themed mod of Super Mario War, an open source four-player Mario battle fangame.

The goal of this mod was initially just to add a few Ginga characters to the game... But the project started improving and it became a full mod which adds a massive amount of Ginga characters, themed stages, music, prey and weapons, and even replaces the announcer's voice with Weed's voice! Iku zo! Zetsu Tenrou Battouga!

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  1. Download Super Mario War.
  2. Extract the folder, and delete "gfx", "maps", "music", "sfx", and "worlds" folders.
  3. Download the Super Ginga War mod.
  4. Copy the "gfx", "maps", "music", "sfx", and "worlds" folders into the Mario game folder.
  5. Open the Super Mario War executable.
  6. Have fun! If you need help, let us know on Ginga Board.